Opening: The warmest welcome το our .... Varka!

People of Athens reserved the most enthusiastic response for Varka, Palmie bistro Group’s new acquisition, which is here to bring the sea and the whole traditional culinary wealth of Greece ... in our plate!

Varka invaded our lives with momentum, since during its opening which was held on the first of July, it brought together an impressive number of visitors, surpassing even the most optimistic forecasts.

Within an environment of unique style, which combines elements of the sea and a wide range of traditional Greek lines, Varka welcomed old and new customers, who were excited by the variety, the quality and the originality of the flavours who '' sailed '' abundant in front of them!

Seafood certainly was on spotlight, but also an impression was made by the delicious cooked and popular traditional dishes which accompanied visitors to this unique '' journey '' of taste and pleasure and gave a really good picture of what the future reserves!

Varka threw the anchor and is more than ready to conquer Athens!



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